The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein 1879 - 1955


Becoming a strategically focused organisation with a sound strategic process is fundamental to business success. Yet today in this aggressively competitive world, it is alarming how many organisations dedicate far too little time to developing their strategic direction and lack a clear process to drive the organisation forward to ensure delivery against the strategic plan. Many strategic failures are associated with household names.

Strategy is a "process" that keeps rolling forward and is certainly not an annual or quarterly event. Ultimately, strategic planning needs to result in a structured, logical and mapped out framework with an intense attention to detail. Whatever the client requirements, whether they be the formulation of a comprehensive strategic plan, ongoing support to ensure the process stays on track or even driving it as an integral part of the client's team, we can probably assist.

A "generic" strategic planning methodology developed by Mezaro Energy is available from this website by download.