Mezaro Energy has an established track record in the bespoke development and delivery of energy industry programmes. Core specialisms are strategic planning workshops and oil and gas development programmes.

Typically, we respond to a client request rather than deliver an "off the shelf" product as invariably the client has developed a view of the skill gaps evident from a review of the strategic goals of the business. We also recognise that rarely are the needs of multiple organisations exactly the same. We can therefore step in and build a bespoke programme or series of programmes to suit the particular needs of the client.

Frequently we work alongside "strategic partner" organisations depending on client requirements to ensure that all client requirements can be fully met. We also prefer to deliver "offsite" with strict ground rules to ensure that distractions to delegates are minimised.

Challenger Deep

Located at the southern end of the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific with a depth of approximately 11,000m, the Challenger is the deepest place in the ocean. Like other oceanic trenches, the area has been proposed as being a site for nuclear waste disposal. However, the United Nations Law of the Seas has banned such an idea from being practised.